The Shell House Residency Program is an opportunity for a small group of interdisciplinary artists to live and work together for two weeks in the Catskills. The Shell House is uniquely built to facilitate communal living and new modes of thinking in a quiet natural setting. Artists are invited to create, build, and imagine new works in the house so long as they don’t leave lasting marks on our private home (semi-permanent outdoor installations are encouraged, however). By connecting interesting people from different disciplines and backgrounds, we hope to facilitate the creation of new networks and projects that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

The program is available to established and emerging artists and designers pursuing an experimental or interdisciplinary practice. Visual artists, architectural designers, performance artists, sound designers, and technologists are encouraged to apply. We also encourage professionals in other fields (not full-time artists) looking to deepen their art practice or develop a specific project to apply. By participating in the program, residents agree to create at least one work of art left to the Shell House.

What’s included?
  • Free lodging. There are 3 private rooms and a shared loft equipped with basic necessities and a small desk. The property itself  is 5 acres including a large patio and lawn, as well as a small forested area. 
  • Group crit where participants are encouraged to discuss their work and share constructive feedback for others.
  • Resources for connecting with the Catskills community, including mid-session artist studio visits.

What’s not included?
Residents must provide whatever they need for their own personal creative practice.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned on the schedule, residents are required to provide their own meals and drinks.
  • Separate studio spaces.
  • Additional stipend for materials.
  • Transportation.

We will be accepting applications to our August Summer 2018 program beginning February 1. Individuals or couples who are collaborators may apply. Residents are selected by a panel of working artists and designers based on the quality of their work, diversity considerations, and fit within the larger group.

Application period February 1 - March 31 
Residents selected by May 1

Notification of acceptance will be given within 60 days of the application due date. Accepted applicants will have 14 days to commit to attending the residency.

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